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This is Business Media Not Social Media

So far usual social media sites fail to lock into the potential of the web and vast e-thoroughfare of shoppers. Afterall do you realy go to one of the social media sites to search for a type of business such as a cake shop in New York?. It is generaly used for endorsing a business that you or your friends know. Then one asks do your friends realy want to share their space with irrelevant business ads next to Mum's latest holiday photos. Tucando is designed for shoppers and businesses from around the world. Business owners can create great free web pages which are designed to be shopper friendly. These are auto submitted to major search engines and to the tucando free business directory while shoppers can easily stay updated by their favourite business owner from Delhi to Dagenham.

Tucando allows business owners to create free shopper friendly pages. You can add information to promote your business by adding videos and hundreds of words and photos. An auto generated map indicates the geographical location of your business, Optional animated, handy blue icons situated at the top of business pages quickly inform the browser if 'Yes We Have An Internet Store', 'yes We Deliver' or 'Yes We Give Discounts To Members' A smart chat system allows registered users to chat with the business he or she is looking at with out the need to add them to favourites. A live clock on each page gives the local time so browsers can quickly see if the business owner is likely to be on line or not. A counter allows you to know your visitor numbers and number of shoppers who have added your page as a favourite. This important feature helps you realise if you are promoting the page well enough. To effectively help you do this an invite box situated at the top of your page allows you to invite potential clients to see it by importing an email list. Ofcourse there is also auto submission to major search engines.

The Best Things In Life Are Free!

Shoppers and other business owners can add your page to their favourite list which allows you to post product updates, photos and offers to their feeds pages. You too, can post special offers to the open board which will be relayed to thousands of members yellow boards free. A badge options in your control panel allow you to easily copy and paste code into your website to promote your tucando page on other websites.

Shoppers - Dare To Share When shoppers register they immediately get their own feeds page with email system allowing them to email any business they wish and to get feeds from their favourite businesses. This is done by easily searching the business directory and clicking 'add me to favourites' to the ones that they want to receive updates from. Here they receive special offers and product info. Business owners cannot search for individual shoppers and add them to their feeds thus shoppers are protected from unwanted promotions.

Success Story:

It was great to hear that Bristol artist Rob Morton gained a big commission through his tucando page. Robert infomred us that a UK brewery spotted his tucando page top of Google under 'Bristol Artist, Rob Morton' and commissioned him to paint a seried of large paintings for their new Bar in the city. Weel done Robert!.

Promote An Event Or Sell An Item
Not content with providing great free pages for business tucando allows you to create a free event or sell an item page. Watch the site turn green as you register. It has great features such as photo albums and the option to share it by uploading a list of emails and auto submission to search engines. It expires automatically after 30 days unless you choose to prolong it's life

Stay tuned for new features on tucando coming soon.
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