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334 Victoria Street,
Greater Sudbury
P3C 1K6

Phone: (888) 861-2254

Website: http://www.sudburyflowers

Email: Email Me

Contact: Tyler Hilton

Sudbury Flowers has been one of the greatest flower shops of the decade because of its perfect and elegant designs. With their spectacular stylist and florist, they have made many unique floral designs and arrangement that became popular not only in the city but also in Hollywood. The company offers not only one variety of arrangements but a wide array of options for flower designs. They know many customers will look for unique flower designs at an affordable price so they grab this opportunity to develop unique arrangements that are easy on the pocket. You canít find this kind of offer with other flower shops. Every occasion is special so we only hire dedicated florist who will make the arrangement for you. They are professional and experts in any kind of flower arrangement you will demand. They used only quality flowers, fresh and in standard form for quality assurance. The delivery is always on time and will guarantee that the flowers will be delivered on the very day you requested such as your anniversary, birthday, Valentineís Day, Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, sympathy, and many other important occasions. Whether you want a bouquet or a perfect floral arrangement, Sudbury Flowers is the best flower shop for you.

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